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Al Hero (UM) and Jon How (MIT)

value-driven mission planning applications dveloped in How's laboratory. A paper on this work is currently in preparation for submission to ICASSP.

John Fisher (MIT) and Al Hero (UM)

The goal is to develop an analagous distrbiuted sensor planning framework for topology discovery using Poisson asymptotics developed by Firouzi and Hero.

Doug Cochran (ASU) and Al Hero (UM)

Independently, Hero has been pursuing an information geometric framework for static classification, clustering and estimation of data that comes in the form of probability distributions. The overall goal is to combine these two perspectives.

Mike Jordan (UC Berkeley) and Al Hero (UM)

have studied the asymptotics of Pareto ranking, in particular for the problem of multicriterion indexing and retrieval over image databases. Our objective is to explore tangencies between these two approaches to asymptotic ranking theory and to translate them to human-in-the-loop applications like indexing and retrieval. The collaboration has impacted a publication on Pareto ranking that has been submitted by Calder and Hero to a math journal.

Emre Ertin (OSU) and Doug Cochran (ASU), John Fisher (MIT) and Al Hero (UM)

SDR will be to do performance benchmarking on detection, tracking, and planning algorithms developed under this MURI and to inspire the development of new algorithms. The DURIP proposal was funded and it is expected that the SDR's, to be built at OSU, will be available to MURI co-PI's by the end 2013.

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