Running and Shutting Down Mint

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Running and Shutting Down Mint
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Click within the Mint window. Try Entering and exiting full screen mode. Use Control+Alt+Enter (3 keys simultaneously) while within the Mint window. Try it out to see if it works.

If you find scrollbars on the side, try resizing the Mint window while in Full screen mode. That should get rid of them.

Safely Quitting Mint

Restart Mint: If everything works, you may want to take a snapshot at this point if you are using vmware workstation. VMware player lacks snapshots. With snapshots, you have the ability to rollback Mint to an earlier point of time.

Mint can have real problems if it is not shut down properly. Click on the "Menu" icon in the lower left corner and click "Quit".


There are two safe ways of quitting Mint. One is to "Shutdown". The other is to save its state and "suspend" it. If you want to change any settings for Mint from Vmware player, you must use Shutdown first.

Resuming a suspended Mint is much faster than resuming a shutdown mint. So, take your pick.

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