Mint tips and tricks

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Mint tips and tricks
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  1. Your username in Mint is "me". Your password is "eecs182". Occasionally, you may need this, for example, when installing software within Mint.
  2. Mint is a full-fledged Linux system. Mint is a variant of Ubuntu, a popular Linux system.
  3. It is a good idea to back up your files that are inside Mint to a safe place. Mint can occasionally crash. Your laptop can also crash. Every semester, we have a few such cases. To start with, you can use Shared Folders in VMware to share a folder between your laptop and Mint and copy files back-and-forth. To Share a Folder, go to Virtual Machine -> Sharing and follow the obvious prompts. The shared folder will be in /mnt/hgfs folder (at least in Fusion). Let us know if it is different in Windows!
  4. Use the backup method provided to you for homeworks.

Popular commands using in Terminal:

%  ls    (list)
 % pwd 
(present working directory)
%  cd [directory]
% cd
% more [filename]
% python
% g++ -Wall -g [.cpp files] -o [outputfile]
%  gdb [outfile]
% emacs [filename]
Menu -> Accessories -> Take Screenshot
(png or pdf format is fine)
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