Mint tips and tricks

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Mint tips and tricks
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  1. Your username in Mint is "me". Your password is "eecs182". Occasionally, you may need this, for example, when installing software within Mint.
  2. Mint is a full-fledged Linux system. Mint is a variant of Ubuntu, a popular Linux system.
  3. It is a good idea to back up your files that are inside Mint to a safe place. Mint can occasionally crash. Your laptop can also crash. Every semester, we have a few such cases. To start with, you can use Shared Folders in VMware to share a folder between your laptop and Mint and copy files back-and-forth. To Share a Folder, go to Virtual Machine -> Sharing and follow the obvious prompts.

The shared folder will be in /mnt/hgfs folder (at least in Fusion). Let us know if it is different in Windows!

  1. Use the backup method provided to you for homeworks.
  2. Command commands using in Terminal:
%  ls    (list)
 % pwd 
(present working directory)
%  cd [directory]
% cd
% more [filename]
% python
% g++ -Wall -g [.cpp files] -o [outputfile]
%  gdb [outfile]

% emacs [filename]

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