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For this course, we've created a "virtual machine". It's like a complete computer, with its own (guest) operating system, Linux Mint, that runs inside your native (host) operating system, Windows or Mac. You'll see what looks like a whole desktop inside a window on your real desktop. It can be a little tricky to remember when to do operations in your regular operating system and which to do in Mint, but it will become clear as you go.

Mac: Using VMware Fusion to Install Mint for 182

Windows: Using VMware Player or Workstation to Install Mint for 182

Running and Shutting Down Mint

Getting a Free Copy of VMware software from UM

Material from previous semesters

Using VMware Fusion to Install Mint for 182

Exposing web server in VM to your laptop

Using Subversion for sharing and backing up files

Web Module #1: Creating and Deploying Static HTML pages

Web Module #2: Reading URLs from within Python and setting User-Agent

Web Module 5: Creating a Dynamic Web Site in Python with Apache Web Server using mod_python


Lecture Notes

Lab Notes

Sample Python Exam Problem Solutions

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