Mac: Using VMware Fusion to Install Mint for 182

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Mac: Using VMware Fusion to Install Mint for 182
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First download the "virtual machine" from: Double clicking on it should work on most macs. If it doesn't you can download a utility such as "Unarchive utility".

Downloading VMware Fusion

To open the "virtual machine", you need VMWare Fusion. [1]. Note that you will need Snow Leopard or Lion to be able to run VMWare Fusion.

Getting a Free Copy of VMware software from UM for instructions to check your eligibility for a free copy of VMware workstation.

After installing, launch VMWare Fusion.

Starting the virtual machine

Once you are in VMWare Fusion, you will see a welcome screen. Don't click on any of the big buttons!

Instead, from the File menu, click "Open", navigate to the folder where you extracted the zipped virtual machine, and select the 182w12.vmx configuration file.

Then click on the "Play" arrow.

It will ask if you would like to upgrade the virtual machine. Say yes.

(Note: The name of the virtual machine in the screenshots below may be different from what you see. That is OK.)

After file open vm.png

You will get an alert message that the machine might have been moved or copied. Click on "I copied it".

It may ask you which operating system to use. Choose the first option, Linux Mint 11.

Boot select.png

Hit enter to boot the OS. You'll get a black screen and various things happen. This takes a little while. When it's done, it should look a little bit like this...

Mint screen.png

You should be all set! Continue instructions with Running and Shutting Down Mint

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