Getting a Free Copy of VMware software from UM

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Getting a Free Copy of VMware software from UM
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Anyone can download a 30-day trial version of VMWare Workstation (for Windows and Linux) and/or VMWare Fusion (for Mac). Follow the instructions at

If you are enrolled in an Engineering course at the University of Michigan or are a CoE student, you should be eligible for a free copy of VMware software. See this site for eligibility check:

You will have to request a login ID/password at the site (see the link for "Request Access to VMAP" on the right side of the page). If approved for access, you can return to the page, use the login link on the page, and then download VMware Fusion or VMWare workstation.

If you are enrolled in the course as SI182 (rather than in EECS182), then you may not be eligible through caen. We suggest getting a free 30-day trial version for now. We are looking into whether there is another free option for you. If there is not, you should be prepared to buy a copy. You can also use VMware player on Windows, which is free, but not as powerful as VMware workstation.

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