Exposing web server in VM to your laptop

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Exposing web server in VM to your laptop
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Your virtual machine (Mint) for 182 is configured with Apache web server, which can be accessed by a web server within Mint at http://localhost or But, what if you want to use your laptop's browser to access the Mint's web server?

By default, that is not possible, but with a simple change to Virtualbox's network configuration, it is possible to enable that. The main thing to realize here is that Mint is a virtual machine with its own network address (identity). To permit the change, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings -> Network for the virtual machine in the Virtualbox Menu. Make sure both NAT and Host-only networking is enabled. It does not matter which adapter is 1 or which one is 2. Hit OK.

  1. Very important: Restart your Mint VM.. Without restarting Mint, the new network settings will not take effect.
  1. Login into Mint and start a Terminal. Type in the "ifconfig" command. Look for a network address that starts with "192.168".
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