CAEN: Using Linux Machines at CAEN

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CAEN: Using Linux Machines at CAEN
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First get a CAEN account. Call 734-764-CAEN (CAEN Hotline) for help in getting an account. Let them know that you are enrolled in EECS 182 (which is cross-listed with SI 182).

Follow the instructions on this page to download the VNC client to access a CAEN computer. VNC allows remote access to a CAEN computer from your laptop.


The above page instructs you to download and install the CAEN VNC software from this URL:


Once you install the VNC client software, run it (ask for help if you don't know how to install Mac or Windows software on your computer).

After installing it, the software is called CAENVNCvX.X (where X.X is the version number). At the time of this writing, it was CAENVNCv1.2.

Run the above CAEN VNC software by clicking on it, and you should get a login window from CAEN that looks like the following:

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