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A. deletelasttwo(L): returns a mylist that contains all but the last two elements of L, in same sequence.B. replacelast(L, item): returns a mylist that is same as L, except that the last value is replaced by item.C. lookup(L, k): return the kth item in the mylist, where indexing starts at 0.
CAEN: Using Linux Machines at CAEND. concat(L1, L2): returns a mylist that is a concatenation of L1 and L2.E. insert first(item, L): returns a mylist that contains item followed by items in L, in sequence.
Error handling in Capstone ProjectExposing web server in VM to your laptopF. len(L): returns the number of objects in mylist.
G; assign(L, index, val): Returns a new list identical to L, but in which the item at the index position in L is replaced by val.Getting a Free Copy of VMware software from UMInstall VMware Tools Easy Way
Installing Your capstone project on a public serverLab NotesLecture Notes
Mac: Using VMware Fusion to Install Mint for 182Main PageManual installation of VMware Tools
Mint tips and tricksQuiz: Decoding text using Caeser's CipherQuizes
Recovering the password for VMware Download site from UMRun 182 initializerRunning and Shutting Down Mint
Sample Python Exam Problem SolutionsUsing Subversion for sharing and backing up filesUsing VMware Fusion to Install Mint for 182
Windows: Using VMware Player or Workstation to Install Mint for 182
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