Install VMware Tools Easy Way

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Install VMware Tools Easy Way
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Installing VMware Tools for Improved Performance and Better Graphics

This writeup assumes that you are currently within Mint (Linux), a vmware virtual machine on Mac OS or Windows.

Select "Virtual Machine" -> "Install VMware Tools ...". from the menu on the top.

A CD icon would pop up inside Mint.


Short method to Install vmware Tools (this has been tested; please inform us if it doesn't work for you)

Step 1: Open the Terminal application. Change directory to /home/me/System/vmware and execute

cd /home/me/System/vmware

It will take several minutes to do its magic. Nothing would seem to happen for a while. Then you should get a prompt for your password. Type “eecs182” for the password. Then it will take a while again. You will start getting a whole bunch of questions. Keep hitting “ENTER” key on them. Eventually, it should finish. You can then close the terminal window. Do not close the window before this is finished. Else, you risk having to start all over again.

At the end, the last text will say something about ejecting device /dev/sro/ and you'll get the > prompt again. Congratulations!

If the above does not work, or you want to do this using VMware's instructions step by step, see the following page.

Manual installation of VMware Tools

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