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UMDES Software Library
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* [[UMDES Commands]] and [[File Formats]]
* [[UMDES Commands]] and [[File Formats]]
* Click this [ link] for an overview of UMDES-LIB, including examples.
* Click this [[Media:WODES.pdf|link]] for an overview of UMDES-LIB, including examples.

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UMDES is a library of C routines written for the study of discrete event systems modeled by finite state automata (FSA). There are commands for the manipulation of FSA, commands that implement many of the operations of supervisory control theory, and commands that implement the methodology developed at University of Michigan for failure diagnosis of discrete event systems. The book "Introduction to Discrete Event Systems" by Christos G. Cassandras and Stéphane Lafortune may be consulted for an introduction to modeling of discrete event systems by FSA, manipulation of FSA models, and the theory of supervisory control of discrete event systems.


Note: Executables of the UMDES-LIB software library for Linux, Mac and Windows are publicly available. Non-exclusive licensing agreements for the source code of UMDES can also be obtained, from the Intellectual Property office of the University of Michigan. For further details on this, please contact Stéphane Lafortune.

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