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Reading Groups
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CSEG Reading Groups

Reading groups are informal but engaging groups of students that meet regularly to discuss academic papers related to a particular discipline. Group members generally take turns picking the paper for the week, and everyone else reads it before coming to the meeting. The person who picked the paper for that week leads discussion on the paper.

Reading groups provide opportunities to discover new threads of publications you might not have otherwise encountered, and are a great way to motivate your own learning of a body of literature. (And often there's free food!)

Reading groups generally meet for one hour once a week during semesters, and sometimes during the summer as well. Reach out to the group contacts for more info!

If you would like to add another group to this list, or modify an existing entry, let CSEG know by contacting


Name Current meeting time Usual Location Contact How to join Food Notes
SECRIT Tuesdays 12:30pm 3725 BBB Join MCommunity mailing list Lunch provided Security reading group
Natural Language Processing Thursdays 3:00pm 2725 BBB Join MCommunity mailing list No Updates and papers can be found at
Computer Vision Tuesdays at 12:00pm Varies Varies Join MCommunity mailing list Pizza This group geared towards grad students who have taken EECS 504 or 545.
Systems Thursdays 12:30pm 3725 BBB Join MCommunity systems-reading-group Lunch provided
CELAB Wednesdays, 12:00pm 3725 BBB Email contact person Yes Hardware reading group with strong focus on computer architecture. Updates and papers can be found at
Theory Tuesdays 4:30pm Varies Email contact person No Meet at 3956 BBB before finding room
Database Fridays 11:30am 4941 BBB, Email contact persons No Meets during fall/winter semesters, and sometimes during spring/summer.
Human-Computer Interaction Methods Thursdays 12:00pm 4916 BBB Email contact person, or talk to CromaLab Not at the moment
Computational Cognitive Science TBD TBD Email contact person TBD New group

Last updated 4/25/2018.

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