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The two offices of Vice-President and Treasures are currently combined

Duties of the Vice-President

The main duties of the Vice-President are to organize the Orientation Guide and the New Student Orientation for the incoming graduate students. The Orientation Guide is kept on Macintosh in the SSRL. Every summer, before the end of June, an updated copy of the Orientation Guide should be turned in to Dawn Freysinger. The main portion of the Guide that must be updated each year are the dates for the Peer Counseling sessions and the New Student Orientation. Therefore, before, the Guide can be given to Dawn, a date must be set for the New Student Orientation. The school year now starts on the frist Tuesday after Labor Day. Therefore, the date for Orientation is now set as the Friday before Labor Day. The dates for the Peer Counseling sessions can be easily calculated once the date for the Orientation is known.

The purpose of the Peer Counseling session is to help incoming graduate students choose classes, CSEG holds two counseling sessions on the Thursday and the Friday before before Labor Day. For each counseling session, there should be at least one person from each of the four CSE labs: ACAL, ATL, RTCL, and SSRL. Also, CSEG should provide a snack buffet at each of the counseling sessions. The peer counseling sessions are held in the TA zoo (3312 EECS). The schedule of events for the Orientation are kept in the Macintosh in the SSRL. The Orientation ends in a barbecue. The barbecue is organized by the CSEG Social Secretary and $300.00 in expenses are paid for by the CSE division (always contact the associate chair of CSE beforehand to confirm this).

Orientation Preparation Checklist

  1. Contact the associate chair of CSE and confirm that the CSE department will reimburse CSEG for hosting the Orientation barbecue.
  2. Reserve 1500 EECS for Orientation by contacting Kathy Garrett ( ). Check to see that the date of the CSE Orientation does not conflict with the orientation presented by the Rackham Graduate School and does not conflict with any religious holidays.
  3. Contact the CSEG Social Chair and inform him/her that CSEG is hosting the Orientation barbecue and two peer couselng sessions.
  4. One month before the Orientation, request a confirmation from all the people on the Orientation day speaking schedule that they can speak at the Orientation.
  5. One week before the peer counseling sessions, seek volunteers for the two peer counseling sessions(Remember to conspiciously mention the fact that there will be FREE FOOD available! :)). Also, ask the Social Chair to buy snacks for the peer counseling sessions. There are signup sheets on the CSEG correspondence disks. Try and ensure that there is at least one person from each of the four labs at each peer counseling session.
  6. Seek CSEG Officers and other CSE grad students for the Orientation Q&A session.
  7. On the week of Orientation, post the Orientation posters around the EECS building.
  8. Before buying food for Orientation, ask Jean Ringe if the Social Chair can use the departmental credit card to buy the food for Orientation.

Duties of the Treasurer

The main duty of the Treasurer is to maintain the financial records of CSEG. The types of purchases and events financed by CSEG are CSEG's weekly Happy Hour, Fall and Spring Meetings, CSE intramural teams, and CSE summer barbecues. All these purchases are recorded in the CSEG account books.

For two barbecues which CSEG hosts, the IPoCSE barbecue and the Orientation barbecue, the department reimburses CSEG for up to $300.00 in expenses (contact the associate chair of CSE before each event to confirm this). Therefore, after each event, take the receipts to Jean Ringe and she will show you how to fill out a Hosting Expense Report. Tell her that you want to be reimbursed in cash at the North Campus Cashier's Office.

CSEG currently has a savings and a checking account at the University of Michigan Credit Union. The only signatories to the accounts are the current President and Vice-President of CSEG. To avoid conflicts of interest, the President and Vice-President are not allowed to write checks to themselves. Also, CSEG has an encumbered departmental account. Contact Jean Ringe for the details of the account.

The procedure for maintaining the fiscal records involves two parts. The first is the recording of all deposits and withdrawls from CSEG accounts in the CSEG accounts books. The second involves using the accounts book to validate the monthly statement received from the credit union. The monthly statements for each calendar year are put in a separate manila folder. These folders are stored with the rest of the CSEG records. A disk exists containing a Macintosh Excel spreadsheets of all CSEG financial transactions. This disk is used to quickly validate the monthly statements by entering the transactions in the monthly statement into the spreadsheet and letting the spreadsheet recalculate the final balance. This disk also creates a balance sheet showing how much money was spent on Happy Hour, Intramurals, etc. At the end of the calendar year, a copy of this report should be emailed to all the CSEG officers and a hard copy should be put in the manila folder containing the bank statements for the calendar year.

The Treasurer is also responsible for taking care of a significant source of income: our Pepsi machines.

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