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UMEC/GSF Representative
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The same officer is responsible for representing CSEG to three different committees: GSAC, UMEC, and GSF.



As described in an email from Prof. Richard B. Brown, November 2002

Dear Presidents of ACM, BEECS, HKN, IEEE, CSEG, and AEGGS,

The EECS Department is creating two student advisory committees, one for
undergraduate students, and the other for graduate students. The
committees will consist of the president (or other designated
representative if the society so chooses) of each EECS student society or
group.  The undergrad committee will have representatives from ACM, BEECS,
HKN and IEEE.  The graduate committee will have representatives from CSEG,
AEGGS and in the future from a representative of the EE:S graduate

The purpose of the committees is to provide a formal means of
communication between the students and the administrative committee of the
Department. Each term, we will encourage our undergraduate and graduate
students to bring to you concerns they have related to their life and
studies in the EECS Department.

At the end of each term, the Administrative Committee of the Department
will meet individually with the undergraduate and graduate student
advisory committees. The administrative committee consists of the
department Chair, the 2 Associate Chairs (John Laird for CSE and Stephane
Lafortune for ECE), and the department administrator (Virginia Wait).

Please send me the name and email address of the individual who will serve
as the committee member from your organization. I encourage you to reply
with any suggestions you may have regarding these advisory committees.

Best regards,

Prof. Richard B. Brown
Interim Chair, EECS


The University of Michigan Engineering Council (UMEC) is an undergraduate and graduate group that provides an interface for communication between engineering students and the engineering faculty and administrators.



The Graduate Forum is a loosely organized group of graduate students from different academic units who act as informational liaisons between the graduate school and individual departments. Meetings of the Forum generally focus on topics the Rackham administration would like to make students aware of (e.g., resources for students, rules for dissertations, etc.). At each meeting, there is also an opportunity for Forum members to bring concerns of their constituents to the Rackham administration.

Your responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Graduate Forum representative include: 1) Attending Forum meetings; 2) Compiling and disseminating information from these meetings to the CSEG membership; 3) Forwarding announcements (primarily email) from the graduate school to CSEG members; and 4) Taking membership concerns to the Rackham administrators.


The committee generally meets only once or twice a semester for 2-3 hour meetings. Email correspondence occurs much more frequently, sometimes several messages a week. However, the majority of messages require only that they be forwarded to the CSEG mailing list.

Other Information

This position would be great for anyone who really had some ideas about how to improve the graduate experience and the energy to carry out those ideas. The administrators on the Forum appear genuinely interested in student concerns and have some capacity to see those concerns addressed.

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