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Running Tea How-To
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Ideally, running the Teas should only involve organizing the events. Student volunteers should be the ones purchasing food, seting it out, and cleaning it up afterwards (according to their guide: Hosting Tea). As the event organizer, your main job is to make sure the volunteers do their job. In reality, most volunteers will not follow the Hosting guidelines perfectly. You will need to step in and help them where they are lacking.

Event Management

Being the event organizer also involves coordinating with the Vice-President (template:Vice-President) to follow the budget. The VP sets limits on how much each Tea can cost, given the funding we get for these events. You should be aware of how much money you have to go, and how many more Teas there are in the funding term, so that you can inform volunteers of how much they have to spend on each Tea.

You will also need to schedule when the Teas will take place. Even though CSEG should have the stained-glass conference room reserved, other department personel will frequently preempt our reservation to host other events. Thesis Defenses and CSE receptions also seem to take precedence. This is especially bad in spring.

Each Tea needs to be advertised. You should keep CSEG's Google Calendar updated with the tiem of each Tea. Send out an email within an hour of each tea to both the CSE Faculty and CSEG lists reminding and inviting them to come to Tea.

Unless you want to do all the shopping yourself, you should also agressively sign up volunteers for future teas. Here is a template for a volunteer sign-up sheet: tea_volunteers.odt.

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