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Pepsi Machines
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CSEG has a contract with the Pepsi Bottling Group to maintain two vending machines. They are a Full-Service Vendor (FSV) for us, meaning that they own, refill, and service the machines themselves. PBG pays us a commission per bottle sold to let them operate here.

[It has been suggested that initially CSEG owned the machines and PBG only refilled them for us. I have unfortunately found no supporting documentation to substantiate this. (Bwester)]


CSEG should receive a commission check every quarter. The check arrives by mail, so look for one periodically in the 3rd floor mail room. Checks must be deposited within 3 months of being issued.

During each quarter, CSEG must have accumulated at least $100 in commission for PBG to write us a check. If our machines do not generate that amount, the commission is forfeited. There is an option to receive commission checks monthly instead of quarterly, but then each machine must generate $50 per month.


Customer number: 272021

CSEG's phone number on file: (313) 763-5243

Account number: 313-763-5243

Supplier number: 049176

Service Phone numbers:

Account Contact:
Kimberly Wilkes
Phone: 888-501-1726

Machines (assets):

Asset Number Serial Number Location
4547 873 859825 Outside 3330 EECS
4547 874 --- 2420 EECS

HKN Soda Agreement

CSEG has the following agreement with HKN:

As of 2009, this may need to be renegotiated, since there has been no contact with HKN in the recent past.

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