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Intramural Chair
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The intramural sports chair is responsible for determining interest and organizing teams for the two intramural seasons each semester. CSEG provides partial funding for these teams, so the cost to play on a team is typically less than $10 a person (varying by sport and attendance). Review the UoM intramural sports site to determine what sports are being offered each season (first week of the semester and ~7th week start a new season).

An example email the sports representative sends out is below:

I hope you all enjoyed your fall break! The next intramural sports season starts next week, and recruiting teams starts now.

Here are the sports available:

Wallyball (Game time: Weekdays after 5 pm) Volleyball without end-lines; it's in a racquetball court.

3-On-3 Basketball (Game time: Weekdays after 5 pm) Standard basketball with three people on a team.

Broomball (Game time: Weekdays or Sunday after 10 pm) Hockey on ice with tennis shoes and broom-like sticks

Flag Football (Game time: Weekdays or weekends after 5:30 pm) Football without tackling. Instead, we stop each other with the cunning use of flags.

These are all in the Grad/Faculty/Staff league. This means that all the members of our team need to be Grad students, faculty, or staff and there are no gender requirements. You are welcome and encouraged to bring friends from other departments.

Seasons are each 3 weeks long and are followed by a playoff. Dues depend on the sport, but are typically <= $10.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail. Include the sport your interested in, and time constraints you may have, and a list of other friends who would like to join. Please let me know by Saturday evening (10/24).

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