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Two popular choices seem to be pizza and Chinese food. Also consider vegetarian food.

Chinese Food

Lucky kitchen is tasty, and they deliver fast, since they are right there in North Campus Plaza. Their number is 747-9968. Some things to remember when ordering Chinese food are:

This is a good thing to do yourself, because then you get to pick all of your favorite dishes.


Marco's Pizza does not deliver for lunch on Mondays. I like Cottage Inn, the one down on Maiden Lane and Broadway delivers to North Campus. Once again, tell them to deliver to G.G. Brown. They will know where to come and meet you in the parking lot.

Call in advance and tell them that you are ordering a bunch of pizzas for a group. They will give you a good price. Make sure that they take a check. Remember to order some vegetarian pizzas, too. It seems that plain pizzas and mushroom pizzas go over with the omniverous masses better than those pizzas with many, many different kinds of vegetables one them.

For a general meeting, order 10-15 large pizzas. For an officers meeting, figure one pizza for every three or four people. Heck, for an officers meeting, you could even take specific orders, if you were feeling ambitious.

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