Officers:CSEG Board Meeting 2013-06-07

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CSEG Board Meeting 2013-06-07
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  1. Pat (In California)
  2. Brad (In 4941)
  3. Nilmini (In 4941)
  1. Erik (In 4941)
  2. Quentin (In 4941)
  3. Meghan (In 4941)


  1. Zakir (flying)
  2. Avishay
  3. Elaine
  4. Matt


  1. Iced Tea Time Updateworking, not working, what can we do to make better*?
    1. Photographer for tea - Zakir?
    2. Looking for volunteers…. but otherwise good
  2. Kayaking Triphow are signups looking, does Erik need help organizing / running, etc
    1. 14 People signed up so far
    2. Org. etc is looking good, not projecting any need for help
  3. Bar Patio TourWednesday, June 27th
    1. Erik wont be in town, someone needs to volunteer to lead
    2. I can do this (Brad)
    3. $200
    4. Dominicks at 6:30
  4. Event / Activity Funding
    1. CSG gave us $300 ($150 -> kayak, $150 -> whirlyball); we can try going back for more for the game night event
      1. They seem unwilling to just fund food, but well see. It also seems like this kayaking was a bad day for people, but given that it will hopefully work well, we can petition for more money later in the summer to try again. Idk if the weather gets better (as in cooler) towards the end of the summer
    2. RSG we should save for something big, as they have this notice on their funding info under not likely to fund: "Proposals from groups that have received funding once already in the semester or twice this academic year"
      1. Kyle Lady seemed willing to help with this, I need to talk to him more
    3. UMEC doesnt appear to do summer funding
      1. Dont meet over the summer
    4. Are there other funding bodies were missing?
      1. Ask dept for tea money; Patdraft email, Ndraft budget
  5. Student Lounge
    1. Start by reviewing
    2. Well go through the document and start assigning funds / people to getting tasks done.
  6. Other Open Issues
    1. CSEG guide moving to wiki
      1. Hopefully creating a CSE wiki all can edit
        1. Should be on CSE wiki not CSEG wiki
      2. Trying to get the source for the guide
      3. Erik PDFWiki
    2. Email lists
      1. Working to clean these up
        1. Only ones used are cseg@, cseg-jobs@, cseg-social@
      2. Possibly move to a more stable system (not 1992 perl scripts)

CSEG Meeting 2013/06/07



Agenda / Minutes:

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