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CSEG Board Meeting 2013-05-10
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CSEG Transition Meeting – 2013/05/10

TODOS: Zakir, Pat, Nilmini, Erik, Brad

Fix edit permissions for the CSEG Wiki (email sent) done.

Accounts Resolution:

UMCU account must remove old officers: Armin Alaghi, Justin Li, Allie Mazzia

and add new officers: Pat Pannuto, Nilmini Abeyratne, Zakir Durumeric

Outgoing Officers TODO:

  Update positions with transition information

Transition-y Things that Need To Happen: – Need to update profiles; responsible for the actual updating: Zakir

  → Don’t miss updating “Previous Officers” – Everyone should sign up on the membership roster

  → we should also attempt to all of CSE to sign up for this to boost our numbers

  → Pat will take care of this

Finish the transition of Private CSEG Officers Wiki → CSEG Wiki

  → Also Zakir’s responsibility

Update mailing lists: cseg board, cseg mailing list, etc

  → Zakir again, you lucky devil :)

Notify department of the new list of officers

  → Pat’s the winner on this one (notify marios, kelly, dawn)

Budget Stuff:

BBQ – Justin should have receipts, probably needs to get paid back

We have two accounts:

  o SOAS: University student group account; limited in what you can use to spend money on. All reimbursement based. Money in this account is also invested in the UM investment pool, so it makes a little more money than accounts elsewhere.

  → Started at $5,000 at the beginning of this year.

       Money from the dept: $86 for peer counseling, $384 for BBQ, $2000 for all the teas

  → Spent $2,500 over the last year (have $2,450 now)

  o UMCU: Gets the vending machine money. ~$200 every 3 months. It’s just “free” money.

     + Don’t know how much money we have in this account.

     + Grizzly Peak social last Jan cost ~$170, plus at least $400 in income from last year, so balance is at least $230…

     + Beer money!

TODO: Need to changeover the signers on the account.

Graduate Lounge:

Need to evaluate the lounge; possibly restock ping-pong supplies.

   → Erik will be responsible for inventorying / buying supplies if necessary


  Pat: We need to make sure we have leadership lined up for this.

Getting more $$:

  → Pat, Erik: We should be asking from money from CSG, RSG, UMEC, etc

========================== END TRANSITION ============================

Summer Events:

Erik: Figure out how much all of the social idea we have will cost

Iced Tea Time on the balcony; every Wed all summer, 4-5:30 PM

  → Send notice about summer tea times

This is 12-13 teas: $1200

Canoe/Kayak – June 1 –

Bar Patio Tour – June 24

Laser Tag / Whirlyball – July 22-26 ishRiver Trips are more adventurous and more challenging than Stillwater Paddles.
We provide all of the equipment, all sizes of lifejackets, van transportation and a river orientation.

Bigger Game Movie Night – August


     Canoe, Kayak?

        Hard to talk to people outside of your canoe / kayak

     Laser Tag?



     Frisbee, Football, etc games?

     Ann arbor bar patio tour

     Monthly Picnic

     Game Night

     Movie Night

     Watch Sporting events together (on balcony??)

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