Officers:CSEG Board Meeting 2011-06-21

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CSEG Board Meeting 2011-06-21
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- We did not spend enough.

- Game night on Thursday was pretty succesful.

- Started at 7:00pm and played seven stones. 10 people showed up.

- TODO: Buy goal posts and soccer ball. To be stored with the grill. - TODO: Get the game - The Settlers of Catan - Educational aside: when was the declaration signed? 1776, august


- Rob to set up the server to manage the ping pong tournament. (He

is also apparently writing down these minutes).

- We have to schedule peer counselling meetings.

- 10:00 - 12:00, September 6, Tuesday. Orientation
- Friday 2, Friday, 3:00pm to 5:00. peer counselling.
  - Get bigger room.
  - TODO: Lookup the schedule for Rackham and CSE events. Nate to ask


  - Need to recruit MS students to the board.
- Stout: if people come in early, can we do something to help them.

- TODO: Shiwali to update guide to life. - TODO: Mitchell to talk to DCO about setting up forms/forums where

incoming students can ask questions.

- Next meeting: August 2nd.

  - Pizza house.
  - Jimmy Johns.
  - Panera.

- TODO: Get new students on the cseg mailing list. - TODO: Twitter and facebook groups for new incoming students. (Jesh

  volunteered to do this)

- TODO: Timur to organize Happy Hours at Dominics this weekend.($80 for alcohol,

  $60 for munchies)
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