Officers:CSEG Board Meeting 2010-08-05

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CSEG Board Meeting 2010-08-05
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Date: August 5, 2010


Jesh (Vice-President)
Anna (Tea Chair)
Quang (Grad/Fac Rep)
Mona (Social Chair)
Timur (IM Chair)
Kaustubh (Secretary)
Quentin (Faculty Advisor)


Benji (President)
Nate (Outreach Rep)
Shiwali (DCO Rep)


- Joho has been named the new GSAC/GSF representative, because Dawn needs a 
- The EECS servers are inaccessible from outside through Comcast and this issue
  needs to be brought to DCO's attention. Jesh has already sent a mail as of 
this writing.
- Jesh will check that we still have the $300 allocated for a gas-grill, and 
  will look to buy it before Sep 7, which is when the beginning of the year
barbeque will be.
- Peer-counselling: 2 sessions will need to be held. The tentative dates are
  Sep 2 (Thursday, before classes begin) and Sep 8/10 (Wed/Fri, after classes
begin). Dates will be finalized by Dawn. We may merge the 2nd session with the
Happy Hour. Also, Jesh will send a mail, asking for volunteers to head the
sessions, with at least one person from each of the 5 areas (UI is an added
area this year), and hopefully, one Masters student too.
- Panel session @ orientation: CSEG board members can fill the panel for that
- A Happy Hour has been scheduled during the 1st week of classes, for Sep 9/10
  (Thu/Fri), depending on whether we are able to book a room at a bar for an
evening. As usual, we intend to have free appetizers, and people may buy
alcohol on their own.
- Mona and Timur will shop for the snacks for the peer counselling sessions and
  food for the barbeque.
- We decided to try out buying $10 gift-cards from Panera for the 1st 2 months
  of the semester, to incentivize people to organize tea. Anna will get the

Action Items:

Jesh: Mail DCO about EECS accessibility problems via Comcast (done!), mail 
asking for volunteers for peer-counselling sessions, and buy a gas-grill.
Anna: Buy about 4-8 gift-cards from Panera.
Mona, Timur: Shop for food/snacks for barbeque/peer-counselling sessions
Quang: Reserve a room at one of the bars for Sep 8-9, for the Happy Hour.
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