Officers:CSEG Board Meeting 2010-04-19

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CSEG Board Meeting 2010-04-19
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Date: April 19, 2010


Nate (President, Curriculum Committee Rep)
Benji (Vice-President)
Quang (Grad/Fac Committee Rep)
Kaustubh (Secretary)
Denny (DCO Rep)
Alex (IM Chair)
Quentin (Faculty Advisor)


Timur (Social Chair)


- End of year cookout: Timur and Benji will be busy. We don't have enough 
  man-power to organize the cookout this coming week. Hence, we'll instead 
  organize a Happy Hour on Thursday (29th April) at 5:30 pm. Board members who
  are available will be helping out.

- Gas-grills: Again, we've $300 authorized to buy gas-grills and the propane
  tanks. A storage place for the propane tanks is available. We might need to
  clean out the other storage place to fit the gas-grill in. The gas-grill will
  be owned by the department, with CSE and staff being able to use it. However,
  CSEG has to go and buy it.
    Since we're not holding a cookout, this isn't so time-critical. However, it
  might be better to buy it before July (because around that time, the dept's
  current financial year ends). But, looks like the new board will have to go
  about this.

- Positions: The office of UMEC/GSAC/GSF representative was removed for next 
  year, with an unanimous vote from those present. We don't really have anything
  to gain by our affiliation with those organizations. Also, the office of a
  'Tea Chair' will be tried to be added at the elections.

- Elections: We'll follow the same method as is being tried out for the past few
  years. A board with board-positions and nominees will be placed at the Happy
  Hour and people will be free to nominate themselves. Nate will send out a mail
  announcing the elections and briefly describing the job-responsibilities, to
  hopefully create some awareness about the elections.
    On a side-note, all board members are encouraged update their
  job-responsibilites in the officer's wiki pages.

- Nate read out a list of the achievements of the board for this year.

- Benji proposed using some of CSEG's money to fund small travel-grants for
  Masters students attending conferences (because they wouldn't be able to get
  similar ones from Rackham). However, the idea was dropped because of the
  difficulty in selecting the students to whom to give the grants to, and
  because it might result in CSEG burning through its money pretty quickly.
  However, Quentin suggested bring this idea up with the CSE Chair.

- The arrangements in the Grad Lounge are being disrupted regularly, presumably
  due to the TT players looking for the ball underneath the furniture. However,
  no resolution was arrived at for this problem.
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