Officers:CSEG Board Meeting 2009-11-17

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CSEG Board Meeting 2009-11-17
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Date: November 17, 2009


Nate Derbinsky (President, Curriculum Committee Rep)
Benjamin Wester (Vice-President)
Timur Alperovich (Social Chair)
Denny Vandenburg (DCO Student Rep)
Alex Kuhn (Intramural Chair)
Quang Duong (Grad/Fac Committee Rep)
Kaustubh Nyalkalkar (Secretary)


Quentin Stout (Faculty Advisor)
Dave Meisner (GSAC/UMEC/GSF Rep)


- Motion to adopt the new CSEG constitution was passed, with 6 members
voting 'for', and 1 member 'abstaining'. The new constitution was
basically updated to keep up with our current practices. The updation
was carried out because a constitution is a requirement for recognition
as an official student organization, leading to an SOAS account, so we
can get access to next year's funding from Yahoo! Hopefully, we can get
this access by next year.
        The new CSEG constitution is now on the web-site at (the link is at the
bottom of the page

- Lunch series with professors: Quang has been carrying out the lunch
series facilitating interaction between new students and professors. 5
lunches were carried out during this semester. While the response for
the first 3 was good, there were problems in the last 1 (or 2) lunches,
with students signing up but not showing up, leading to professors
feeling that it was a waste of their time. Discussions on how to avoid
this problem, as well as coming up with a better plan in order to be
able to continue this program next semester too, were postponed to a
later meeting after some deliberation.

- 'Offset from Professor's salaries/research funds': Nate gave an update
on his meetings as Curriculum Committee Representative. The funding that
the department gets from the College of Engineering (CoE) isn't enough
to fund all the GSIs that the department needs. So, there is a separate
'pot' to which the professors contribute different percentages (from
their research funds), depending on whether they're new, untenured or
tenured. This 'offset' mechanism isn't unique to our department, and is
carried out at other universities too. While all of this isn't
immediately relevant to grad-students, the issue that may affect
grad-students is a proposal to replace GSIs with undergrad IAs.

- Propane grills will be purchased this semester, while the storage
place will be ready probably next year. Also, the ping-pong table (from
Yahoo!) should be in the grad-lounge before long.
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