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CSEG Board Meeting 2009-05-06
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* The agenda for the meeting is [[Image:05-06-2009-agenda.pdf|here]].
* The agenda for the meeting is [[Image:05-06-2009-agenda.pdf|here]].
* The priorities presentation given by Nate is [[Image:05-06-2009-priorities.pdf|here]].
* The priorities presentation given by Nate can't be uploaded because the size limit.

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Date: May 6, 2009

-> Transition advice:
Jonathan (jdsorg) - Outgoing IM chair
        It's better to make a team only when enough substitutes are present.
More advice present on the web-site.

Kaushik (kaushikv) - Outgoing President
        Keeping in touch with Dawn and Steve ('The Marketing Guy') helps in
getting heads up on upcoming events and deadlines.
        Common questions at Fall orientation - courses, cognates etc.
        Questions from incoming/potential grad students - housing etc. Details
are present in the CSEG guide, but may need to have short answers ready.
        Be prepared to get contacted by grad-organizations, companies etc. Need
to have fast turn-around times for them.

-> Nate went through the priorities presentation.
-> Next meeting fixed tentatively for July 1. TODOs from the agenda have
been assigned.
-> Benji handed out information regarding the finances for the last year.
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