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Hosting Tea
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CSE Teas are run by student volunteers. When hosting, you are responsible for three tasks: (1) buying food for the Tea, (2) setting up the room, and (3) cleaning up afterwards. Here are some guidelines and tips.


The department will reimburse you up to $75 for providing food and drinks. Whatever you get, be sure you hold onto the receipt!

We go through about a box and a half of tea every week, so please buy at least one box of an appealing tea. For snacks, you can buy almost anything you want. Some popular snacks include cookies (especially from Pepperidge Farm), chocolates, and fruit. Generally, it's good to have a large amount of food available, rather than having a smaller quantity with higher quality.


One hour before the Tea starts, head to the stained glass conference room. In the cabinets of the kitchen next door, you will find two large water heaters. Fill those with water, set them out on a table, and plug them in to get the water heating for the tea.

If your snacks need them, there are serving trays available in the kitchen. The tea can be found in the GSRA Lounge on the 2nd floor, in the cabinets around the sink. Bring all the boxes up and set them around the water heaters.

Finally, set out a pen and a sheet of paper labeled "Tea Sign-in" with the day's date on it. (Template)


The Tea should wind down after about 45 minutes. To clean up, empty the water heaters into the sink, and let them dry with their lids off. Dispose of leftover perishable food in whatever way you want. If you used any serving dishes, those need to be washed and left to dry in the kitchen. Move all the tables and chairs back to their original configuration, and wipe down the tables. Cables and other equipment should be put back in their original place. The stained glass conference room hosts a lot of important meetings, so we want to make sure we leave it exactly as we found it.

To get reimbursed, take your food receipt along with the sign-in list to the current CSEG treasurer,

Vice President
Name: Ryan Feng
Office: BBB
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