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Vegetarian Food
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It is nice to provide vegetarian options for people who attend CSEG social events. This is especially relevant for cookouts, where much meat is cooked. There are two plans of attack (both of which may be used):

Meatlike Substances

Veggie Burgers and Soy Boy Not Dogs are available in the health-food freezer of the grocery store. Veggie Burgers seem more popular than Not Dogs. People who have religious objections to eating meat will want these items cooked on a separate grill from the real burgers. Because it is a lot of work to accommodate everyone, I would ask for a volunteer to bring a grill and cook the vegetable-based meat substitutes. Tell them, of course, that you will provide the food, charcoal, lighter fluid, and undying gratitude. Also tell them that you will not provide the separate grill without a volunteer.

Non-meaty Substances

This is probably a better place to concentrate your efforts. Get pita bread and hummus. Get lots of chopped up vegetable crudites. Get some pasta salad. Use your imagination.

Do not get those packages of lettuce salad. Nobody seems to eat it.

Disclaimer: I am not a vegetarian. I would welcome any comments for improving this page.

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