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Peer Counseling Sessions
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Usually there are two peer counseling sessions. One is on the weekend before classes start, and one is on the first day of the week before classes start. I found that the weekend session was more sparsely attended. You may want to use this as a guideline and have a bit more food available for the second session.

I bought two dozen donuts, 4 bottles of pop, a jug of orange juice, a jug of apple cider, some grapes, and couple bags of chips. The chips were not very popular. The donuts were gobbled up quickly. The pop was pretty close to the right amount. Again, use the weekend session as a guide and provide a little more food for the weekday session.

Since I was busy the day of the weekend session, I just set out the food and gave the key to 3220 EECS to one of the peer counselors along with a note asking them to put away the food and return the key to my office. It seemed to work out just fine.

This is a good thing to assign to a social committee person.


To help with future food purchasing decisions, this table records attendance, food orders, and consumption for past events.

Year Total New Students Date Attendance Food purchased Comments
Advisees Advisors
2010 ~75 Th. 9/2 12pm 26 9 5 Large, 1 XL Papa John's pizzas Ran out at end; needed more
Wed. 9/8 12pm
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