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Curriculum Committee Representative
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The curriculum committee decides upon all issues related to the curriculum. If a professor wants to add a course, add or detract from its material (as described in the course bulletin), change its units, or otherwise modify it, the proposal goes to this committee. Moreover the committee looks over new course proposals. The committee also investigates classes that have not been scoring well in student evaluations.

Committee members consider changes based upon their own merits and how well they are expected to fit in with the overall curriculum. Such considerations include:

The decisions that this committee makes are often reviewed by the appropriate faculty (EE or CSE), and many decisions must also be reviewed by the College of Engineering curriculum committee. Currently the curriculum committee meets jointly with the EE and CSE groups, but occasionally the groups do meet separately.

Empirically, this committee decisions are really of concern to undergraduate students. Few grad student class issues came up. However there is still room for a grad student to share their opinion on the undergrad curriculum.

Your responsibilities on the committee

The CSEG representative is a voting member who should familiarize himself with the issues and represent the interests of the students.

Committee Meetings

At the rarest the committee meets once a month, but at times may meet once a week especially during the beginning of the semesters. The committee also meets over the summer occasionally. Meetings typically last two hours.

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