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CSEG Board Meeting 2017-06-28
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CSEG Meeting 2017/06/28



Agenda / Minutes:

   Constitutional amendments from the 10May2017 meeting are invalid due to lack of votes
       Plan to re-address at next official meeting in August
           CSEG board consists of officers, representatives, committee chairs, and CSEG faculty advisor (currently 10 members)
           Meeting must be announced to CSEG membership at least 1 day in advance to be official
           1/2 the board and 2 out of 3 officers must be present to conduct official business
           2/3 of the entire board must approve to be adopted
   Discussion of constitutional details
       Whether all meetings are public or board can have private meetings
           All meetings should be public
           Individual discussions can occur in private but can't replace official meetings
       Clarification between committees, standing committees, and representatives
           Constant committees like Tea should be considered standing
           Special committees like visit day should be considered non-standing and disband after event
           Representatives should include Member at Large, Faculty Liaison, etc
   Updating constitution for University requirements
       Required to remain official organization within the university
       Bryan provided wording approved by university
       Discussion of white-listing vs. other wordings
       All board members are encouraged to draft and circulate changes to be addressed at next meeting
       Requirements must be met by September
   BlinkenLights Coordinator
       Meghan Clark requested CSEG setup framework for ensuring institutional memory of the BlinkenLights
       Discussion of whether proper under grad- or undergrad-org
       Suggest expanding Member at Large's portfolio to include BlinkenLights as part of CSEG physical resources
           Point of contact for trouble or questions
           Ensure continuity of knowledge across semesters/years
           Coordinate with undergrads and non-CSE students to keep maintained
       Will be further addressed at official meeting in Aug
   Chez Betty
       Full split from CSEG is currently underway
       Vice-President still working on sorting out financial details
   Ping-pong tables
       There have been complaints about the noise from ping-pong tables being disruptive
       Currently, Brian Rice put away and can be used on request
           Very recent change
       Suggest talking with Brian Rice to bring back, post a sign about politely keeping the noise to a minimum, and investigating the complaints
   Note that CSEG is not attached or connected to the video game machines in BBB atrium
   Key check
       Tea chair and VP's keys do not match
       Some key's are unknown
   Updates from previous Action Items
           CSEG registration is complete except for constitutional changes
           Is currently sending one e-mail per month to new students with standard contents
           Postponed mapping BBB till new semester starts
           Need to buy new supplies (cups, plates, etc) but nothing pressing
  is in progress but not established yet
           New students have been added to the CSEG distros
           Previous budget did not allocate money for summer activities
               If events are planned, CSEG has money we can allocate for events
               Also investigating additional sources of funding
           Volleyball tournament went very well. Everyone seemed to like.
           July: kayaking/canoing
           Aug: picnic (planning)
           Sept: bar hop (planning)
           Investigating SOAS funding for cross-department and cross-area "coffee with others"
               Due date 30Jun2017
   Brian Noble starts as chair 1Jul2017
   Desks and seats should be set for incoming students
   Grill reminders
       Brian Rice is borrowing CSEG grill on 21Jul2017
       Haven't heard back from GEO about borrowing
           Post meeting additions (see external e-mail chain):
               GEO will supply their own propane and use our grill and utensils
   Action Items
       Talk with Brian Rice about bringing ping-pong tables back and get info to address complaints -- Bryan
       Figure out what keys go to and ensure three copies of each (Tea Chair, VP, Faculty Advisor) -- Allison
       Schedule official CSEG meeting in Aug -- Bryan
       Talk with Kelly and get time slot for CSEG meeting with Brian Noble -- Drew
           No specific purpose set, just a touch-base meeting
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