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CSEG Board Meeting 2017-05-10
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CSEG Meeting 2017/05/10



Agenda / Minutes:

   Summarize Roles, responsibilities, and pending items
       Social Chairs
           We are currently pending authorized signers for Tea Time
       Faculty Liaison
           What meetings should attend?
       Board game night currently allocated $25 per month
           Is that sufficient? Need more?
       Corporate Liaison
           Should go around at career fair and try to sell naming rights to Tea Time
   Events throughout the year
       Campus Organizations meeting
           Didn't attend last year
           Have to register with the college at some point (Jen Wagner will send e-mail to notify)
       New Student Welcome E-mails
           Templates exist
       New Student Barbecue
       Town Hall meeting
           Support for continuance of "Pat will bring cake"
           Should make sure to advertise
   Amendments to the CSEG constitution
       Proposed Changes:
           Article II:
               Title: "Mission, Purpose, and Affiliations"
               Body: "CSEG is sponsored by CSE, and has no other local, state, or national chapters or sponsors." added to end of first paragraph.
           Article III:
               Two paragraphs appended:
                   CSEG is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate 
   ​    ​    ​    ​    ​on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, 
   ​    ​    ​    ​    ​gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status 
   ​    ​    ​    ​    ​in its membership or activities unless permitted by university policy for gender specific organizations.
   ​    ​    ​    ​    ​--------------
                   Upon joining the organization, all members agree not to undermine the purpose or mission of CSEG.
       General Funding is used for most items
       Previous year requested and received a 10% increase in budget
           Last year's request ~$8,500
       Last year's balance around July 2016: ~$7,500
       Current Balance: $9,731.75
           Expenditures for Spring barbecue have not been dispersed (approx $1,000)
       Funding accounts rolls over year-to-year
       $137 allocated for each Tea Time during year, $100 during summer
       $300 carry over from previous year's Tea Time allocation
           Will be used to fund Board Game night
       President/Member at Large will maintain devices and investigate need for new
   Social Event ideas:
       Intramural Sports
       Movie Night
       Bar Crawl
       Food Truck
       Previous Events:
           Ice Skating
           Bike Ride
           River Float
           Rock Climbing
           Baseball Game (Tigers)
           Home-culture outdoors games
       Heavy interest in continuing picnics and bike rides
       Bar Crawl was unanimously supported
           Even if Betty can't fund the alcohol, CSEG can still fund food
   Allison and Subarno have keys for CSEG, Quentin has some as well
   Concern about ​prospective student ​visit day
       Off-campus events were very well liked​ but have not occurred in recent years
           First night ice cream/beer at faculty house was mentioned specifically​
       Concern about department's appearance vs other competing departments
           BBQ on the beach (Berkeley) vs. Dinner at Pizza House (UMich)
       Still have time to think about and plan for​ this year's​
           Will reconsider closer to that time
       Student population is in need of inter-lab and inter-area collaboration
           Short-form student-to-student presentations
               5-minutes of ``what I work on
           Movie nights from different countries
           Home-culture outdoors games
           Co-ed Intra​-​murals
   ​Proposed Action Items:
       ​​Continue keeping up-to-date with Tea Time and other dispersions -- Allison
       ​Map BBB and where people are​ -- ​Bryan
          ​ Would help with department's student list
           ​Secretaries may already have the list
            ​   Kelly has the list of secretaries and what labs they handle
       ​Better advertising at Incoming Students events of CSEG and what we do​ -- Bryan​
       ​Make board-game night more approachable​ -- ​Jeeheh
   ​    ​Schedule another CSEG meeting before the start of the year barbecue​ -- Bryan​
   ​    Target 1 social event per month (in addition to Tea Time)​ -- Jeeheh​
       ​Consolidate ​and check ​CSEG ​​keys -- Allison and ​Subarno
   ​        A) they're duplicates of each other
       ​    B) we know what they're to
   ​    Create and setup a CSEG-talks distro​ -- Drew​
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