Officers:CSEG Board Meeting 2003-12-03

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CSEG Board Meeting 2003-12-03
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Date:	2003 Dec 03
Present:	Eric, Manish, Josh, Raj, Bill, Quintin, Julia
Absent:	Shruti, George

-> CSEG email lists
	- talked about what lists are for
	- josh will email to CSEG a description of lists to remind folks what's out there
	- josh will setup a new list, cseg-disc

-> January Students
	- josh will talk to dawn to make sure we get January students on CSEG lists

-> Website
	- want to add more details of the committees we sit on, add minutes to website

-> $1000 -> $300 for special event
	- grills?
	- other stuff?
	- board games?	dart board?
	- other happy hour fun?

-> Happy Hour
	- kicking people out of the GSI zoo... or suggest they use one of the side rooms

-> Website
	- we need to update job descriptions for CSEG officers

-> 581 software engineering -- no longer software qualification

-> Eric knows stuff about new building

-> Concerns about how students "attach" themselves to faculty...
	- perhaps a more formal process
	- find out what's going on with this

-> Are there people floating around without advisors and without funding?
	the department just doesn't know
	needs to be more formal
	find out # floating around

-> DCO
	- we think DCO should continue to do servers and software but let CAEN do our infrastructure stuff

-> Undergrad Curriculum Committee
	- 427 VLSI violates course hour requirements
		change from 4-6 credits?
		or revamp course?
	- make all 500 level courses 4 credits
		concerns:  will professors make their courses more difficult or time consuming
		benefits:	rackham hours.  undergrad problem solved.

-> Grad Committees
	- 583 off list for software?
		use to be used for both hardware and software, now must pick one

-> PhD Tools

-> for events, we need candy and pamphlets
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