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Date: March 18, 2010


Nate (President, Curriculum Committee Rep)
Benji (Vice-President)
Timur (Social Chair)
Quang (Grad/Fac Committee Rep)
Kaustubh (Secretary)
Mona (Prospective Social Chair?)
Jesh (Josh?) (Prospective Board Member?)


Alex (Intramural Sports Chair)
Denny (DCO Student Rep)


- Poker nights:
The problem with conducting poker nights is keeping them fun without
inviting trouble. Timur's suggestion was to host a tournament and give
some sort of a prize (like an iPod) to the winner, using CSEG's funds.

- Proposal for how the social-chair can operate in future:
Timur's suggestion is to allow for people to come up with ideas for
social events they would want to host (or would otherwise host
privately), and let CSEG lend financial support (and/or organizational
support, depending on the magnitude of the event), in exchange for
opening up the event for CSEG-wide participation. Obviously, the event
would have to be planned for sufficiently in advance to give time for
advertising it. Some examples of such events: movie-nights (which would
be small-scale), rock-climbing/water-park visits
(which would be larger scale) etc.
        There is a concern about whether people would be active enough
to want to host some event (given the problem we face in getting Teas
hosted). But Nate clarified that he has been approached with similar
        The consensus was to give this proposal a try over the next 2
months, and over the summer (under the aegis of the new social chair!)

- A reminder that we'd want to implement a ping-pong
tourney/ranking-system soon. This could come under the future IM Sports
Chair's jurisdiction.

- A reminder that we ought to be using the money allocated to us for
buying the propane gas grills and go out and buy one.

- Ride-sharing: A web-based system where people could offer and accept
rides to/from the airport seems like it would be helpful. Quang offered
to try to build up something for this over the summer (or the next 2

- Board-games night: Timur'll be trying out a board-games night in the
coming fortnight, where people can bring their own board games too, and
have pizza while playing.

- Plans for prospective student visit day: It seems better to have a plan
for something to do after the dinner at Cottage Inn tomorrow, rather
than try to decide on something at the last minute. For now, the plan is
roughly to take a walk around the town and probably stop by a
coffee-shop or a bar.

Action Items:

- Announce the possibility of CSEG funding for social activities hosted by
CSE graduate students.
- Purchase propane gas grills.
- Ping-pong ranking system.
- Timur: poker night, board games night.
- Quang: ride-share.
- Everyone: show up for prospective student visit day tomorrow.
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